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Rates and Services
- always free estimates -
* Commercial rates upon request

   General Pest: includes perimeter band inspection and de-webbing (interior and exterior)

      • Starting at $30 per month up to 3000 square feet
      • Bi-Monthly starting at $50
      • One Time Service $50

   Flea and Tick: complete exterior treatment and interior spray or fogging depending
                         upon your needs

      • Starting at $100 for fogging

   German Roach: clean-out includes a flusshing agent used to clean out the roaches.
                          We will also dust, spray, bate, and vacuum.

      • Starting at $150

   Scorpions: 3 treatment options:

      • Standard - laying a perimeter band, spraying the interior and dusting cracks and crevices
        * Included in general pest rates
      • Black Light Treatment - we come out at night and go over your property with black lights removing all scorpions found. We come back the next day and spray the interior and exterior.
        * Starting at $150
      • Same as above with 3 consecutive weeks of complete spray for a total of 4 weeks
        * Starting at $225

   Bed Bugs: vacuum, spray, and dust the problem areas and spray the adjacent rooms.

      • Starting at $300
        * Comes with 2 follow-up treatments

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