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Are you tired of having problems in your backyard and calling to talk to someone for Help only to find out they are in Florida? Tired of having to sign Contracts for a year just to find out if they can accomplish what they claim? If so We are a Family Operated Pest Control Service located here in the Valley to serve your Pest Control Needs Without Contracts. We are a Proven Pest Control LLC designed to keep pest out of your home. Provide an Economical Means to save you Time and Money to remove Pest.

We are a Fully Licensed and Insured Pest company to provide either Monthly, Bi - Monthly, Or Quarterly Service Whichever suites your needs. Pest control services starting at $30 a monthly, $50 Bi-Monthly and $50 One Time Service. No Contracts !!

We also provide Termite Inspections, Termite treatment

Family Owned & Locally Operated


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480-203-3865 or

Wartime Veteran USN Submarine Force, Honorably Discharged, I would welcome the opportunity to serve you again. Dependable and Trustworthy service.

R. Joe Brumley Arizona State License 9276